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August 13th, 2012 by Fit Gizmos 1 Comment

A new innovative health gadget that, well, seems sister-gadget to the alcoholic breathalyzer, only this time it’s for your health. The Body Gem is a new gadget meant to be integrated into your weight loss and fitness lifestyle, by helping you determine your calorie intake.

Everyone is different in body size, in terms of height, weight, muscle mass, etc. A generic weight loss plan with size categories may not be the most effective method for determining your body’s needs. However, the Body Gem is promoting itself to be able to help you with your calorie calculation.

Metabolism Fitness Gadget: The Body Gem

The Body Gem is a Metabolism breathalyzer, which measures the rate that your body burns calories when you breathe into it. This information is then used to help determine a healthy weight loss or fitness program that would be suitable to your body.

This healthy gadget is to encourage the development of a healthy strategy to weight loss. A good way to lose weight is cutting down on excessive eating, which also includes junk food. Only consume enough calories from healthy foods that your body needs, along with regular exercise that would get your heart pumping, such as cardio.

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Metabolism Fitness Gadget: The Body Gem

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  1. Excellent article. More women should be concerned about these issues.

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