Sculpt Abs with Ab Slider – Ab Machine review

The Ab Slider is an ab exerciser that is easy and inexpensive adaptation of a device you can find at many gyms called a Power Wheel. With the Ab Slider, however, you don’t have to go to the gym and you can work out anytime you choose.

How the Ab Slider Works

Using the Ab Slider could not be easier. Put the Ab Slider on the floor. It is a little wheel with two handles. Getting down on your hands and knees, grab one handle with each hand. Then just slide the Ab Slider forward and back to stretch your upper and lower abs. You won’t strain your back, and you won’t strain your neck. You get many of the benefits of crunches with none of the risks.

Amplifying Your Ab Slider Workout

If you want to get a little more intense workout, instead of kneeling on the floor, lift your knees off the floor and balance on your toes. And you can get another layer of resistance just by fighting the force of gravity while you are kneeling down on the floor. Don’t just move forward and back. Try to keep your tummy parallel with your chest, instead of bulging downward.

Can Ab Slider really burn belly fat?

Oddly enough, you can—although you have to burn fat all over your body to get rid of the belly fat. This little maneuver will add to the number of calories you burn while you use your Ab Slider. As you are sliding forward, hold your breath. Pause just a second at your maximum stretch.

Then when you start to go back, take in a deep breath, just as deep as you can. Push it all out as you move forward so that your lungs are almost empty at your maximum stretch when you are holding your breath. What does this do? You’ll breathe deeper and slower throughout your exercise. You’ll not only burn fat — but you will also feel more relaxed.

ab slider Sculpt Abs with Ab Slider   Ab Machine review

Sculpt Abs with Ab Slider

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